You can call our TV studio (203-656-7300 ext 7484), send us an e-mail ( or contact TV79 Advisory Board Chairman Mike Wheeler (

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DVD copies are $25 each and are usually ready for pick-up in a few days after ordering.  Just e-mail us your request to or call Jim Cameron at 203-952-5758.  When you pick up your DVD you will also be asked to sign a Waiver indicating that you acknowledge that the DVD is for your personal use and may not be edited or posted on any website without permission.

And remember… all of our meetings are available for free on our Vimeo channel, either for viewing or downloading.

We are often looking for camera operators and video producers, especially folks with experience in this field.  Even without experience, we offer hands-on training for several weeks before allowing you to “solo” and cover a meeting.  Our camera operators are paid $30 per hour for their time and can work as little as one evening a week.  For more information, contact us at

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  • You can send us an e-mail (
  • You can contact TV79 Advisory Board Chairman Mike Wheeler (
  • In an EMERGENCY, you can call TV79 Program Director Jim Cameron at 203-952-5758
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